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Laura14 started this conversation

If you know you`re getting a large tax refund, & you have a recent check stub, H&R Block will loan you between $500 & $1000 just for doing your `09 tax refund w/ them, they start on Nov 15th where I live, call your local H&R block, and ask about it! It could save Christmas or thanksgiving, or the rent! And you pay nothing until, your return is filed (by febuary 15th). There's one payment, but its taken off the loan amount, then they take the payment in full off your return. Sounds too good to be true, but it is. They make a lot of money off you in the long run, but it can save you in the short run. Good luck!


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Does this start on the 15th or 24th on Nov
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1shantytown   in reply to disgruntled customer
I went to H&R Block school years ago. $80 for a two week class. It thought me how to write off my gambling as a hobby. Now i am a profesional gambler....that files a loss every year.In 2009 The Govment man sent me a bailout check to keep me in business.
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disgruntled customer
all that is is to get people in there so they can try to get them to come to h and r block so they can file their taxes. I got an estimate on my return from them which was nearly 8000 dols and thet told me I cldnt even have a 500 dol advance

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ahlea92   in reply to sammconnie
you need a photo id current pay stub and a proof of adress
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ahlea92   in reply to markymark22
you need a photo id current pay stub and a proof of adress
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ahlea92   in reply to markymark22
you need a photo id current pay stub and a proof of adress
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Is this still available in 2014
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is this still going on? in 2014
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redkat   in reply to FireRose
H & R Block is advertsing now, that all you need is your current paystub to apply. This is Texas.
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BHansen28   in reply to tashy
So what I would like to know is what exactly do I need to bring to apply for this tax refund(loan) Im on OW and havent worked this year.
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tashy   in reply to hmg garrett
Was there an interest rate?
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Lori H.   in reply to glendap
I dont know if this is true or not but I heard that the reason they are denying more people this year is because so many people are getting refunds and owe child support or student loans and it is not hitting the system in time so therefore people are getting the loans and the bank is losing money. Someone at another tax office told me because I was denied as well and have gotten them in the past.
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glendap   in reply to Jenn03
the samething happen to me I also have gotten the loan every year I don't understand it I called the hr block bank aslso and they couldn't give me a reason why I was denied either

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cwats657   in reply to
You can use anyone you want. You was denied, so you are not obligated by any means to use H&R block
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cwats657   in reply to
You can use someone else. You was denied so you are not obligated to use H&R.
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Do i have to had went to h&r block last year in order to get a laon
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dot deebaby   in reply to Blessed13
I was wondering the samething.
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Blessed13   in reply to Butterflymomof2
I owe a bank do you think I would qualify and my credit is bad
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This is a bunch of crap! I applied and was denied after doing my taxes for over 20 years with H&R!! I have made over$30,000 this year and pulled my credit report with Experian and no red flags come up on why I was denied! I have applied for years now and always approved and paid back loans on time!!
I will never do business with H&R block again!!!! Also I will never ever recommend this business to anyone.

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barney5978   in reply to FireRose
if they need your w2 then you are not filing early are you? they project your refund with a pay stub and loan accordingly!
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